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those silly macro headwinds!

This is a weekly market update (I post daily to TikTok). I publish these once a week (beta phase), as well as single stock pieces (1-3x a month) and macro deep-dives. I also publish on TikTok, Youtube, and Twitter!

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Infrastructure and Biking

  • I ride a bike. I do not own a car. I bike around Los Angeles - and Darrell’s point here is really important. There is a lot that could be done for 1) biking infrastructure and 2) biking safety. It would be incredible to see more people embracing it as a form of transportation.


Good job, market!

  • The market had a big mood swing early last week, but mostly recovered into the end of last week. Seeing a bit of weakness this morning, but considering that the world was “burning” on Monday of last week, things are a lot “better”.



  • Another multi-billion Crypto SPAC!!! - Core Scientific - one of the largest Bitcoin mining companies is going public at a $4.3bn valuation. (w o w)

  • DeFi Warning: SEC Chair Gary Gensler has a warning about the synthetic stocks popping up on blockchains: firms selling the tokens are likely to end up in trouble with regulators - and he made a comment about “stable value tokens” too

    • They actually had a meeting on Stablecoins - stating that it could be a “national security” risk.

      • The end game is that if they can’t figure it out, they probably will regulate - this was a presentation on the preparation of a broader report. I believe that we will see increasing language on regulation over the next several months.

    • At least Circle has most of their reserves in cash (Tether is not quite as ~lucky~)

  • The B Word Conference happened this week - it was relatively boring (I made a TikTok about the 2030 version) but mostly spoke to the increasing acceptance of crypto.


Economic Calendar

  • FOMC meets on Tues and Wed of this week! Also PCE data out this week! Lots of noise, but this will probably be less surprising than their June meeting in terms of *accommodative surprise*. Not much will change, but keeping an eye out for language on asset purchases and the Delta variant.

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