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kyla’s newsletter is a weekly newsletter (published on Thursdays or Saturdays depending on news flow) featuring research, cartoons, poems and more.

I write about everything from crypto to macroeconomics to similarities between grief and love - I try to bring the human aspect of economics to the forefront in all my work. I have been published in the New York Times, and featured in outlets like Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, and more.

I consider myself a commentator and educator (not an influencer!) and have been creating content online for the last six years. I produce daily and weekly financial content in various formats. My audience sees me a source of knowledge in a noisy world, and I've gained the trust of institutions and retail investors alike.

My goal is accessible, fun economics education for current and future generations.

I am doing two things right now

  • Company: Building a financial education company, Bread

    • Bread is my company to build with and for this audience - bringing accessible and trusted financial information, tools and self-empowerment to a digital generation.

  • Content: Building out my content across my YouTube, Substack, Instagram, etc

The goal of my newsletter is for it to *always* be free - but there is work that goes into writing, of course! If you think the content is valuable or would like to buy me a coffee once a month :-) I would sincerely appreciate your support.

There are three options:

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Thank you so much.

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