Your ability to cover so much high-level information and express it so simply to people like me is such a talent, Kyla. Thank you!

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Great Job!!!!

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I come here for the callout of VC firms and never get disappointed. Thank you for putting this together, always a great read

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Please advocate for disclosure of payroll income on EVERY GAAP income statement, by law! Because "people are what matters". The economy runs on people. People circulate money. People account for the spending that every corporation records as "revenue", yet of the millions of pages of 10K and 10Qs printed EVERY Quarter and EVERY year, there is ZERO disclosure of spending on people. It's a most natural expense item, and it is purposely, cunningly, venally, BURIED by capitalist GAAP accounting. Please advocate for splitting out straight payroll components of COGS (cost of goods sold), SG&A (sales/marketing/admin expense), R&D. It should be obvious that LABOR and CAPITAL are the 2 most fundamental quantities vital to business. It's high time people got recognition and started showing up on the income statement of every public corporation.

Thank you!

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Lots of good stuff here but a fair amount of disinformation.

There is an assumption that the market is bad or that business is bad. Our Buffalo guy is right on but why? Your comments regarding The Fed is right on but why?

It all comes down to NIMBY.

Logically, people should pay for the services that they receive.

If you have a subway stop within say, X meters, you should pay for that privilege. For example, let us say that every piece of property within X distance of a government provided service should pay double or triple or maybe four times in property taxation. Those within Y distance should pay 60% additional property taxation. People should be charged for specific road usage based upon the amount they actually use that road, including time of day. Government services should NOT be free. This only encourages overuse.

Each time an "opportunity" appears, someone takes advantage of it and that is only reasonable. It's what we are saying that becomes appropriate and we have what we have.

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Such an insightful, in-depth, yet well-explained post! 👏

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