Great perspective on the rapidly shifting nature of our times.

I've felt that the sameness and loss of individual identity is not only an issue in the U.S. but also around the world. Everyone strives to have it all and reap the benefits of capitalism and the fastest way to do that is to adopt the techniques many successful companies have used in the past.

I see this at the macro and micro level. Many independent creators who are just breaking into the creator economy adopt practices sold by slightly larger creators. If they don't take the time to engage in personal discovery along the way, they end up looking, sounding, and acting the same as those that they have emulated.

More and more, personal identity will become more important in our increasingly homogenized world.

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Thought this was brilliant! The symmetry of the micro (feelings of the individual) and the macro (feelings of society) is something I've never really thought about. Thanks!

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okay your writing is so dense (thankyou) that i might pop back on here but first off we literally just don’t have enough housing? you know that this induced demand is just a gateway to creating more opportunity for profit and ultimately ends with massive amounts of waste. (and really? NPR?)

Lets be real we don't need more houses, just as we don't need more roads or more food. we need to change our relationship to how we preserve the basic human dignities that everyone should have a right to a safe and private space, nutritious food and clean water and the ability to be in relationship with place.

I love the fact that you write based on being in the thick of it, the what if we paint the wheels this colour can we keep the bus still going mindset, because you are very smart about how you perceive the bus, the wheels and the roads. more than me so i always learn something. However I am always curious if you are interested in other paradigms, other ways to live and be in relationship with place and your resources around you. Not everyones cup of tea, for sure a huge amount of folks think life is great right now, but something in your words tells me you're curious.

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Do you feel like older generations are financially holding back younger generations?

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"Precarity" is the keyword for the world we live in right now, and I really appreciate the brilliant ideas you shared in this article.

It's very strange that I heard little discussion around interest rates before the big announcement from the Bank of Canada here. ( I guess BoC is just copying Fed in 2022) Housing is a big issue, and the Canadian household debt-to-income ratio is dangerously high. (186.2%. Q4, 2021). A storm is brewing....and central banks are talking about how they take control of inflation.

Thanks for bringing up the Shanghai lockdown. Some developers have already posted code on Github for a program competing for meal delivery orders. There is no need for me to repeat the supply chain issues, and you have nailed it.

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To the extent that tradfi morphs to accommodate crypto, won’t crypto acquire transactional friction? Thanks for the comprehensive analysis. Yours is the most fun newsletter although it hurts my peanut brain.

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